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Search Result hithighlightedsummary containing term set GUIDs


At one of our client sites we are seeing that the Search Results page is displaying GUIDs within the hithighlightedsummary value. The XSLT then renders this. The fields in question are crawled properties, mapped to specific search mapped properties. The hithightlightedsummary field, which gets populated by SharePoint search on the fly, is including the underlying Guids (as well as the term set values) within the search results. I have played around with the XSLT to no show the field if it sees the term set separator ';#', but there are other instances where the text '|433c2f15-0824-48ac-bc2d-c82f0fe6d498' (guid varies) also appears.
how we can prevent it ? is there any way??